Saturday, March 15, 2008

Begins with a First Step

" A Journey of A Thousand Miles, Begins with a First Step " Mao ZeDong

So say Chairman Mao and you can't agree more with him. Everything begins with the single first step which most people hesitate to take. It is almost always a step that will take them away from their comfort zone, away from familiarity, away from security.

I am happy to announce that I am finally living my dream - an entrepreneur in my own right. We have started business officially in January 08, and Thank God ! Our Orders Book /revenue is looking strong and we should be able to ROI within the very first quarter.

I once read that Fear is the only that we should fear. Overcoming that is what a country like Singapore will need to nurture an entrepreneurship environment. That alone, cannot be taught. However, I do believe it can be influenced. But that "fire" in the belly can only come from within.

Being a late Generation X - early Generation Y, I have always harbored to take my first step,however perhaps due to my Chinese origin, I have also not been overly impatient. Plan was always in the book but I have also learned the key to everything is "Preparation & Timing"

养兵千日,用在一时 - Preparation of the army takes a thousand days but deployed in a single moment.

My thousand days has been filled with preparation as a Pharmaceutical Production Supervisor whereby I have learned Operations and Leadership, a Business Manager with a SAP Partner in Singapore and a Business Development Manager in Greater China whereby I have honed Strategic sales, Business Development skills.

Now is the execution of that single moment.

In Him.

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